Twinning Association

Twinning Association

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Since 1986 Penkridge has been twinned with Ablon-sur-Seine, a small suburban town on the southern outskirts of Paris, close to Orly Airport, and on the banks of the famous river.  We are a family twinning association.  Some Penkridge families have been twinned with their Ablon counterparts for many years, and many close friendships have resulted.

The choice of Ablon was made carefully.  While it feels like a small French town, it has the obvious attraction of being only twenty minutes from the centre of Paris, one of the most popular capital cities in the world.  Many other attractive parts of France are within easy striking distance – Versailles to the west, Fontainebleau to the east, Rheims and champagne country to the north, Sancerre and the Loire valley vineyards to the south.

Every other year we welcome our French visitors into our homes for a fun-packed, sociable and very enjoyable weekend. Visits typically last from Friday to Monday or Tuesday. Some of this time is spent with the English hosts entertaining their French friends “en famille”, among their own family and friends, and some at organised activities to bring the whole group, English and French, together in a relaxed social setting.

In the years when the French do not come here, we visit Ablon, and on these occasions our hosting efforts are handsomely repaid with warm and generous French hospitality and friendship.

Twinning gives you the fun of hosting someone from another country in your own home, and the opportunity of experiencing French social, cultural and domestic life at close quarters.

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