9a. Function Room Setup

Policies Uploaded on May 19, 2022

Function Room Set Up
Risk Assessment
Penkridge Parish Council
Haling Dene Centre
The Haling Dene centre is used for various functions such as Weddings, Christenings and Meetings. Rooms are set up according to the requirements of Hirer.
This may involve changing the layout of the room(s) part way through a function booking (Wedding).
Folding tables are used for events, which are stored on storage trolley. Chairs are already located within the function room, additional chairs, if required, are located in a nearby room.
Hazards Identified
Those at Risk
What Existing Control Measures are in Place to Remove/Minimise Risk
Are Controls Acceptable, if not what Further Actions are Required.
Risk Factor
L x S = R
Action By
Target Date
Date Complete
Handling and Lifting
Staff may injure themselves when setting up/moving tables and chairs as required in the Function Rooms.
Rooms are usually set up on a daily basis, dependent on event bookings.
Large functions, such as Weddings take place around 8 times per year. On average 8 tables, and 80 chairs may be used.
Setting up a room can take up to 2 hours.
Lifting technique training given to all staff
Trolleys for storage of tables, minimises distances to carry folded tables
Tables are folding type which makes them easier to handle, and are easily movable when erected (sliders on base)
Staff work in pairs when tables need to be carried from one room to another
Chairs are moved using a trolley with a maximum of
5 chairs at a time.
Suitable footwear should be worn
3 members of staff are usually available to set up Function Rooms
Refresher training for lifting techniques every 3 years or when a new member of staff starts.
Parish Administrator
Manual Handling course Every 3 Years