22. Civic Award Policy

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Civic Award Policy September 2016
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1. Aims
To present an annual Civic Award and Young Persons Civic Award in recognition of exceptional contributions to village life.
To ensure the method of selection is fair, and the process follows an agreed procedure.
2. Categories
Civic Award and Young Persons Civic Award (Under 21s)
Both awards will be presented to individuals or groups whose achievements are considered to be the most outstanding of those nominated.
3. Criteria
Nominees will be expected to reside in the parish of Penkridge. However, at the discretion of the panel, consideration may be given to the nomination of people living outside the village.
The nominee shall be a volunteer unless there is evidence that they have worked ‘above and beyond’ what is normal.
What has been his/her contribution to village life? In what ways was this exceptional?
When/where/for how long did this take place? Who benefited from the activity?
Was this an individual venture or as a member of an organisation?
Do they hold office within a group?
4. Selection Procedure
The awards will be advertised widely in February and March with a closing date in April.
Additional information may be requested to enable comparison.
A meeting to decide the recipients of the awards shall be held in May.
The panel shall include the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and all interested councillors.
Declarations of interest shall be made by councillors at that meeting.
Where there is no consensus the decision shall be put to the vote.
5. Decision
The decision shall be confidential, and the winners not announced until the Civic Reception.
The result shall be publicised in the Parish News, local press, web-site and social media.